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Public agencies cybersecurity programs and operations confront the same difficulties as the commercial sector. Significant challenges exist across various platforms due to data breaches, threat holes, critical vulnerabilities, and hackers’ activities. However, the public sector face additional challenges due to legacy skillsets, workforce shortages, budget constraints, compliance requirements regarding FISMA, FEDRAMP, and the Risk Management Framework (RMF) authorization.

Protect the nations information assets and data and navigating a secure roadmap

Structured and aligned in understanding the government standards, policies, and goals

Well versed at technology gaps and automation requirements for cloud, AI, Zero Trust, and advanced security technologies.

Capabilities aligns across all agency's cybersecurity support strategies and programs

A cybersecurity mindset driven organization that blueprints cybersecurity

Professionals have worked in various government sectors and technology fields.

Utilizes a layered defense approach to identify the government weak points or threat holes

A Roadmap for Succes

The Department of Defense and Federal agencies utilize compliance standards such as FIPS 140, NIST 800, DoD 8500, and FISMA that receive annual reviews for regulatory practices and implementation. The core practice falls under the Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A) process – which improves security readiness and compliance.  To achieve results, SEMAIS harnesses an eco-system of expertise, consistent cybersecurity protection, and digital modernization resources to safeguard the Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal agencies by:

Providing expertise for Security Control Assessments (SCA’s), Vulnerability Management (VM), Security Audit and Readiness, and Privacy.

Executing operational tasks for the Enterprise Security Architect (ESA), particularly those focusing on infrastructure protection and secure operations.

Designing baseline configuration assessments, CVE remediation plans, potential false-positive analysis, and patch and vulnerability mitigation cycles.

Engineering security implementation solutions, application compliance, and standardized controls based on technologies and system requirements.

Executing Software Assurance (SwA) for enhancing application security throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Developing a Cybersecurity Assess & Authorize (A&A) process that continuously authorizes systems and applications.

Securing endpoints using Continuous Diagnostic Monitoring (CDM), Host-Based System Security (HBSS), or similar programs and applications.

Implementing Data Quality Management (DQM) initiatives and actionable insight concerning Security Analytics and Reporting (SA&R).

Providing Continuous Risk Monitoring (CRM) through constant observation, decision support, and situational awareness.

Federal and DoD Technical Expertise

Assured Compliance Assessment Solution
Computer Network Defense Service
Cybersecurity Audit Support
Cybersecurity Education Training & Awareness
Cybersecurity Policy Support
Digital Modernization
Host Based Security Services
Information Security Continuous Monitoring
Malware Protection and Analysis
Network and Host Vulnerability Scanning
Ports, Protocols, and Services Management
Privacy Controls and Implementation
RMF Assess Only and IT Product Analysis
Security Assessment Program Support
Vulnerability Management

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